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Point FM & Ackee joint venture


Point FM Studio is the joint venture between Point FM, a consulting office, and Ackee, a software studio. Our mission is to be the leading consulting firm that helps corporations bring their ideas to life quickly, efficiently, and at a low cost by leveraging the latest technology trends.

We make it possible to launch a new digital product in a fraction of the time and budget it used to take. Our team can help you achieve things that may have seemed impossible, using the latest advancements such as generative AI, low/no code platforms, and a bit of traditional programming.


We are looking to partner with forward-thinking finance and healthcare organizations to innovate their product discovery and development.

Our partners are banks who recognize the importance of providing a superior user experience to their customers and healthcare companies that are embracing and integrating AI into their teams. We work with the progressive leaders who are committed to pushing the limits of their industries.


Ackee is a leading product development studio with a team of experienced professionals specializing in UX/UI, development, and security. With 11 years of proven success in delivering top-quality projects for top-tier brands, Ackee's mission is to help partners digitalize their business in a smart, efficient, and sustainable way.

In 2017, Point FM entered the market with the first chatbots for financial product contracting, iPov and Suri, quickly climbing to the top of the most used chatbots in CEE region. Then they launched Zaloto, a finance marketplace, which quickly became the number one mortgage internet company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Marek Kříž

Serial entrepreneur who has built a career in the tech industry. After founding and leading a digital agency for five years, he sold the company to focus on his new fintech venture Zaloto. In a short span of five years, Marek’s vision and leadership enabled Zaloto to become the largest finance marketplace in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2022, Marek sold Zaloto and is now looking for new opportunities in the finance, healthtech and consulting sectors.

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Dominik Veselý

Co-Founder and CTO of Ackee, and a graduate of Czech Technical University, Dominik is a tech enthusiast who has been bridging the gap between developers and business leaders for the last 15 years, as he is living in both worlds, and his focus on creating simple and elegant solutions to complex problems has been one of the keys to Ackee's success. Always on the lookout for innovative and sustainable ways to make successful digital projects.

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